G What should I make

I think that quite early on in this book, we should try to answer the question “I’m an educator…what should/can I make here?”.
I’m not sure whether this should happen here or in the preface, but one way we can do this is with the flowchart. Below is just a very rough conceptual sketch of how a flowchart here might be a fun way to give users a visual map of where they could end up after using the rstudio4edu resource. This is the idea I’m riffing off of.

Needless to say, right now the example below is yucky, too small, and incomplete. And it’s also just kind of acting as funny eye-candy. But if we make it nicer (and perhaps summarize it more efficiently with a table beneath it), would this be the spot for it? (Could alternatively place this in the introductory section for the Cookbooks Section–and only include tools that we have cookbooks for (ie. leave out stuff like Connect)).